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As market leader in English language assessment, we are the largest and most recognised Cambridge Exam Centre in South-Holland. Together with the British Council we have awarded more than 20.000 certificates to candidates and counting…

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For all English language trainings, at your location or ours, we offer all levels of English, for all sectors, for all purposes.

As experts in language education we know what it means to raise your level – from start finish – the teaching techniques, learning strategies, the stimulation that is required to activate vocabulary and grammar in spontaneous flowing speech and effective writing, whatever your field.

As pioneers in language learning, we have a tried and tested formula, a unique and innovative method that identifies the differences between learners. We take account of your native language, your background education, your availability, your preferred learning strategies, to ensure that you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way. After all, we do not see our clients as robots who will learn simply if we provide them with the same information—rather as individuals with different needs and requirements.

As the market leaders in English language assessment in The Netherlands, our language school is the largest and most recognised Cambridge Authorised Examination Centre in South Holland. Together with the British Council, we have provided Cambridge certification to over 20000 examination candidates in The Netherlands and continue to grow steadily into the future.

For whatever your requirements in language, we are the organisation that you can rely on in order to identify your level and needs, tailor a training that suits your budget and goals, and provide you with an international certificate that you will be able to use for the rest of your life and career.

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