Intensive Training

Why follow an intensive training?

Languages consist of many words. In English, for example, there are more than 1 million. Because of this it is necessary to make a selection which words you need to learn to understand, for which purpose (general, business, educational, technical etc.), and then to activate these words in speech and writing.

An average native speaker knows about 35000 words. The amount of words they actually use is about 12000.

So learning how to be fluent in a foreign language does not happen in trainings of 1 or 2 weeks.

Short, intensive trainings are very effective for the following purposes, however:


1. Improving confidence in speaking
By activating passive vocabulary and grammar structures during interactive sessions with different speakers of the language, you overcome the ‘fear’ of using the language with other people and improve confidence.


2. Improving knowledge of grammar
learning grammar structures and how to use them intensively in speaking and writing helps you to remember and use these structures in the long-term.


3. Preparing for an examination
Once you have reached the right level, an intensive training that focuses on an examination you wish to sit is effective in teaching you the format of the examination and to focus on how to answer the questions.


4. Be confident in every situation
Improving your confidence in specific work-related tasks for presentations, job applications, meetings and negotiations.



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