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I really enjoyed my Business English course.
The classes were a good mix of writing, grammar, reading and speaking.

Cropped image of university students writing at desk in classroom
Marlies Zakelijk Engels
I really appreciated my English classes. The trainer is a passionate and experienced teacher and his lessons were useful and motivating. Besides working on our English grammar and vocabulary we also had a lot of fun.
Robbert Algemeen Engels

I applied for the 2-weeks summer course at Masterclass Rotterdam at C1 level.
Great course, great teacher and nice people. If you’re looking for a language institute, this is the place to go.

Female teacher addressing university students in a classroom
Jeroen Zomercursus

I couldn't have passed my CPE exam without the great lessons at Masterclass English in Rotterdam! If you find yourself struggling with any kind of English test, you should definitely contact this school

Anne CPE

I brought my level to C1 with this school and am very satisfied. For Cambridge exams, this is the place you should study

Selwa C1 Cambridge

I give the course and Masterclass five stars.
The location is easy to reach by car, bike or public transport. The teacher is native English and she is very helpful.

Sonja Algemeen Engels

Prima opleidingsinstituut als je perfect Engels wilt leren spreken. De klassikale lessen sluiten qua structuur perfect aan op het Cambridge examen en de individuele lessen zijn volledig toegespitst op je sterktes en zwaktes. Absoluut een aanrader!

Jannet Groepscursussen

The Masterclass Business English Course is a great way to improve your English and to develop your working skills. The focus on business related subjects makes it really useful in your working life. The groups were small, so everybody had to speak a lot.

Mark Zakelijk Engels

My intensive course was great I have really liked the program , they gave me the ability to talk in public , I feel more confident now . The topics was about our daily life and it wasn’t boring . I m satisfied

Female teacher addressing university students in a classroom
Simone Intensief Engels

Friendly environment, easy to reach, amazing teacher

Arezoo Algemeen Engels

I would like to give you 5 stars for the Intensive English Summer course because I learnt a lot of new things, the teacher was very professional and kind. I also think that it was very useful to speak with the other people in the class

Jorge Zomercursus

Being able to make easy requests

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If you already have a beginner’s understanding and command of English, the next level you need to reach is A2 level.

This course develops the grammar and vocabulary of an A1 user, or beginner, and will prepare you for basic situations that you will encounter at work. The content is suitable for a learner who has either followed an A1 level course or who already has a basic understanding of English.

Learning Outcomes
Where possible, this training uses authentic materials from your sector and will target the language of your company and your job requirements.

Upon completion you will achieve the following general language competences:

  • Listening/ Speaking - you will be able to express simple requirements for your job, such as ‘I would like to arrange a meeting on… ’
  • Reading - you will be able to understand most short reports and manuals that are predictable and in your own field of expertise.
  • Writing - you will be able to write a short an effective request to a colleague or a contact in another company.

Course Length
This course is available from a minimum of 40 contact hours and can be followed intensively or spread over a maximum of 20 weeks. The lessons are usually 2 hours but can be longer or scheduled more frequently, depending on your preferences and targets.

Available individually, in a group, at our location or at your company.

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I really enjoyed my Business English course. The classes were a good mix of writing,
grammar, reading and speaking.

My teacher was very helpful, motivated and always in for a joke. When you’d like to improve your level of English and have nice evenings, Masterclass English is the place to go!

Zakelijk Engels Rabobank Support Officer


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