English for Administrative and Support Services

Emails, telephone calls, meetings, reports, forms, enquiries, confirmations, quotations and contracts—are all part of the daily work for administrative and support staff. It has been our work for over 15 years to train professionals who have to be representative and accurate in their communications when dealing with clients, partners and colleagues. Our team is dedicated to one goal: making sure your staff reflects the work ethic of your company in their communications, and doing this efficiently, effectively and with a unique blend of professionalism and friendliness.

Raising standards in Respresenting your business
Standing out from the crowd of competitors is something that is secured when your staff and colleagues excel in their communication. We are the point of reference in assisting your team and whether you have an office of 1 or 400 staff members, our team of trainers will raise the standards of English within your company to a level that will outperform your competitors.
Make sure that you are not left behind in the changes happening around you and book a training with us. Your front- and back-office staff will soon open up new business and establish the lasting business relationships with your clients that will result in continued growth and success for your company.

Would you like to know how we can help your company achieve long-term growth?

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