English for Sales

The best Sales representatives know only too well that when it comes to closing the deal it is the human qualities that matter most. ‘What were the first impressions when the client met you?’ , ‘Did I respond to questions in the right way?’, ‘Was I able to establish the client’s trust? ‘, ‘Did the conversation run smoothly?’—are only some of the typical questions for a company’s sales professional. Key to all this: your flow in communication.

Say What you Like - It's a People's Business..!
If you are facing international clients or wish to expand in foreign markets, don’t let your sales strategy fall at the last hurdle when your sales representative visits a new prospect for the first time. Make sure that he doesn’t ‘mince his words’ nor ‘make a hash of it’ and improve your staff with a language training that will make them reach a flow of words that informs, excites and persuades your potential customers about the quality of your products and services. Let your people show themselves for who they are without struggling with their English so they can focus on your company’s targets instead of worrying about how to make an invaluable first impression that will result in profitable returns.

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