English for Human Resources

An unmissable component of an organisation, a Human Resource Department is crucial to its success. Working both with senior management and the various company divisions, the HR department informs, advises, interviews, evaluates, reviews, monitors and ensures that staff perform optimally and to the maximum benefit of the company. To maintain such a diverse set of management activities, the English of an HR professional needs to be exemplary and effortless, so you are able to process a significant amount of information while communicating to your colleagues with the correct content, tone and accuracy. We will match the perfect trainer to you and your needs, and make sure the content is suitable for your level, focus and agenda.

Jargon that Matters
Do you use such terms as ‘attrition’, ‘a balanced scorecard’, ‘bumping’, ‘freedom of association’ in your daily work? Or is it necessary for you to look up, or even avoid, expressions in order for you to make yourself clear? Our trainings for your profession are tailored to suit your schedule, your ability and preferred learning strategies. Our institute will activate your professional English vocabulary and provide you with the correct language and best support for you to let your management skills shine within your company.

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