English for Engineering

When things get technical in English, it is down to the professional to explain the details of the job. Whether you work as a mechanical, chemical, civil or electrical engineer, and if you have learned your trade in a language other than English, you will know that using English to explain technical aspects of designs, concepts and systems, is a lot more challenging. This is why our academy has come up with an economical solution!

A Measured and Accurate Approach
Your brain is like a plastic machine, capable of adapting itself to new situations and language. In order to understand what needs to be done when you speak and write, we will first need to analyse your current ability and observe the patterns and structures that you produce; or put differently, we will first need to check what’s ‘under the hood’. Once we have listened carefully and accuruately measured your skills in English, we will supply you with a language training that will enable a fully working professional vocabulary that will run until the end of your career, building bridges to new prospects and your future benefit. Not a bad performance for a little time and effort with one our expert trainers.

Efficiency guaranteed!

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